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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 30 day(s)
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 10.00%
    To register for the Affiliate Program, the Recipient must complete and submit to the Owner an executed
    copy of this Agreement.

    Even after the Owner has accepted the Recipient as an Affiliate Program member, the Owner reserves
    the absolute right to rescind or terminate the Recipient’s affiliate status for any reason in its sole and
    absolute discretion, including but not limited to the following: (i) if the Recipient’s website contains images
    or content that is not acceptable to Owner or is inconsistent with the image that the Owner wishes to create in association with the Owner’s website, (ii) if the Recipient’s website contains any illegal, immoral,
    repulsive, defamatory, derogatory, harassing, harmful, threatening, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, or
    racially or ethnically objectionable materials, depicts sexual situations, promotes discrimination on the
    basis of race, sex, sexual preference, national origin, ethnicity, nationality, disability, or religious
    preference, or (iii) if the Recipient’s site contains any material that appears to Owner to violate any patent,
    trademark, copyright, trade secret, confidential information, or other property rights of any other party.

    The Recipient will be fully responsible for all costs and expenses of maintaining and marketing the
    Affiliate Program, including but not limited to all costs associated with the creations, hosting, modification,
    and improvements to the Recipient’s website, costs of search engine placement and other Internet
    marketing, costs of inserting the Owner’s links into the Owner’s website, offline marketing costs, postage
    costs, and all other costs and expenses, and the Recipient hereby holds the Owner harmless from or
    against the same.
    The Owner makes no representations and warranties regarding potential income that may result from
    participation in this Affiliate Program and specifically disclaims any and all warranties relative to earning
    potential from the Recipient affiliate status.

    a. As an Affiliate Program member, the Recipient will have the obligations to place links on its site
    directing users to the Owner’s site. The Owner will make available to the Recipient button links,
    text links, and banner advertisements to be placed on the Recipient’s website which will direct
    users to Owner’s website via hypertext link. As an Affiliate Program member, the Recipient is
    given a non-exclusive, limited term license, during the term of the Recipient’s active participation
    as an Affiliate Program member, to utilize the Owner’s logo images provided to the Recipient on
    the Recipient’s website.
    b. The Owner makes available to its Affiliates, links, banners, and other information advertising its
    site to be used subject to the terms of this Agreement. These materials will contain its trademarks
    and other proprietary property. The Recipient may display these materials on the Recipient’s
    website for the purpose of promoting the Owner’s site and participating in this Affiliate Program. If
    the Recipient discontinues the Affiliate Program or if the Recipient’s participation is terminated for
    any reason, the Recipient will immediately cease using these materials and will delete all such
    materials from the Recipient’s website and from each of Recipient’s computer(s). The Recipient
    must obtain the Owner’s approval of all links to the Owner’s site that the Recipient places on the
    Recipient’s website. The Recipient will cooperate with the Owner in the establishment and
    placement of links on the Recipient’s website.

    The Owner strictly forbids the use of unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or SPAM campaigns. The
    Owner maintains a “Zero-Tolerance” policy against SPAM, be it direct, a third party or any affiliate of
    Recipient or similar agent acting on the Recipient's behalf. As such, the Owner reserves the right to
    terminate any violating Recipient’s account or any part thereof, without notice or compensation.
    Any Recipient found to be involved in a SPAM/UCE campaign, including flooding newsgroups,
    distributing messages to recipients that do not want the information or any other abuse contravening
    UCE legislation will be met as follows:
    a. The Recipient’s Affiliate Program account will be closed immediately, without burden of notice or
    b. Our Privacy Policy becomes null, and all pertinent information will be provided to any
    investigating authorities or anti-Spam organizations.

    a. The Owner will be responsible for handling all customer inquiries, Merchandise orders, customer
    billing and collection, Merchandise shipment relative to customers that enter the Owner’s site
    through the links from the Recipient’s site. Pricing of the Owner’s Merchandise and services is
    solely within its discretion and the Owner reserves the right to change the pricing structure,
    terminate any special offers, discontinue Merchandise or services, or change the terms under
    which Merchandise or services are offered at any time, without any advanced notice to the
    Recipient or users accessing the Owner’s site. The Owner’s sole responsibility to the Recipient in
    this regard is to track customer orders that occur through links from the Recipient’s website and
    provide reports to the Recipient of the referral fees due to the Recipient as a result thereof. All
    such reports shall be un-audited. The Owner will have no obligation to provide the Recipient with
    any specific information relative to any customer, regardless of whether they access the Owner’s
    site through the link from the Recipient’s site.
    b. The Owner is not responsible for the failure to assign any sale or referral fees to the Recipient if
    the same results from the improper formatting of the link from the Recipient’s website. The
    Recipient should assure at all times that the link is appropriately formatted and shall report any
    problems that the Recipient may have with the same to the Owner immediately.

    a. Referral fees will be payable to the Recipient based upon a percentage of sales made to users
    who access the Owner’s site through the Recipient’s site. Referral fees will be calculated based
    upon the gross sales price, but not including any shipping and handling, sales tax, special service
    fees such as gift wrapping or packaging, late charges, collection costs, imports/export duties, and
    any other payment made to the Owner that is not the purchase price for the Merchandise that is
    purchased. Referral fees will not be calculated based upon amounts that are attributable to credit
    card fraud, credits given to customers, bad debt right-off and returned goods. The Owner
    reserves the right to deduct in subsequent months for any referral fee that the Owner paid to Recipient that is for Merchandise that is subsequently returned or refunded, or for any other
    reason if the previous monthly referral fee was overpaid or later subject to reduction.
    Referral fees will be payable only on sales that are tracked through the Owner’s online tracking
    system that indicate the Recipient’s website’s link as the original source, which sale occurred
    within 30 calendar days of the most recent visit to the Owner’s site through the Recipient’s
    website. There is no right to a referral fee if (i) a user makes a purchase outside of such 30-day
    period or (ii) a user later returns to the Owner’s site through another link or source other than
    through the Recipient’s website and makes a purchase. All sales made within 30 calendar days
    of the most recent visit to the Owner’s site through the Recipient’s website will (i) be tracked in the
    Owner’s online tracking system and (ii) count towards referral fee calculations.
    d. The Owner will pay a referral fee only upon collection by the Owner. The Recipient has no right to
    referral fees until the applicable customer has paid the Owner in full. Only purchases that are
    made through the Owner’s online ordering process will count towards referral fee calculations.
    Referral fees will be paid to the Recipient on a monthly basis on or about 45 days following the
    end of the month for amounts received by the Owner during the previous month. The Owner does
    not guarantee an exact date of calculation of referral fees or payments. is committed to the privacy of all of our customers. Any information you do provide to us will be dealt with in accordance with this privacy statement.

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    The Information we collect

    When you order a product, we will collect your name, contact and billing information, transaction and credit card information.

    Some pages on our website use cookies, which are programs that collect additional information. We use cookies on our site to analyse visitor traffic to our site. A cookie will also allow us to personalise your visit to our site and treat you as an individual, by remembering your preferences so you may not have to complete your details each time. Cookies are small pieces of text information that ask your computer permission to allow placement on your hard drive. Cookies do not provide us access to your computer or any information other than that which you have chosen to share with us.

    If you have any concerns about the information we collect, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

    What we use the Information for

    To analyse the performance of  For internal auditing and record keeping. To improve the quality of our products and services. To send you product updates, special offers and information on services and events via email or by post.
    We may also contact you occasionally for market research purposes via email, post or phone.

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    Who we share the information with, and your choices

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    When you provide any information on line, you should look for the box which you can click to say that you do not want the information to be used by anyone for direct marketing purposes. If you have not previously objected to us using your personal information for direct marketing purposes, you may change your mind at any time by writing to or e-mailing us at:

    The Data Protection Officer
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    Information about you

    If you believe that any information we are holding on you is incorrect or incomplete, please write or e-mail us as soon as possible to the above address. We will correct any information which was found to be incorrect promptly.

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